This is a beautifully crafted film in every way! My wife and I so enjoyed it; it is full of quirkiness, kindness, and insight, all done with a gentle, loving hand. It has a seeming spontaneity that is wonderful and offers so much that is unexpected. Don't Know Yet was one of the nicest film experiences we've ever had, with an uplift that lingers.

Steve | from Santa Barbara, CA
Terry Linehan's script is unconventional and may be challenging to viewers accustomed to linear narrative and obvious exposition. But his playful and sincere approach to the material pays off, especially in scenes featuring a colorful cast of supporting players who the protagonist encounters on his journey to self re-discovery. Scenes with Cullen Moss and Shane Callahan stand out, as does a memorable cameo from David Andrews (World War Z, Fight Club, Fair Game). The wide range of beautiful (and whimsical) North Carolina locations featured throughout the story add to the film's charm. For those willing to explore outside the expectations of big-budget Hollywood cinema, Don't Know Yet offers an amiable, heartfelt, and genuinely entertaining movie experience.

Dave | from Wilmington, NC
I was blown away by this film. What a wonderful, lyrical and whimsical piece-- and it was made with no budget to speak of. The team who put this together are magicians-- conjuring gold out of thin air. Where to start? The structure was delightful-- handled brilliantly and provided a complexity and depth which added to the pacing and overall production. The story unfolded slowly at first, but just kept picking up momentum and by the end was soaring. Wonderful selection of lead actor-- a truly thoughtful choice which added a subtle complexity. He was so understated which I really enjoyed. Other performers I loved were Creature and his side kick-- perfect energy. I laughed out loud. Fabulous cast of colorful characters. David Andrews was clearly having too much fun-- and so did I. The female lead wasn't as strong, but stunning. Not a hardship watching her on the screen. The locations were gorgeous. The beauty of the mountains and the Haw Valley in North Carolina were inspiring. Memorable locations created some inspiring footage. The rain was insanely perfect. Haunting would describe it. The score was spot on. It's such an integral part of the film. The production value is astounding as I think the film was made on a dime. How'd they make it look so amazing for no money?  Great indie flick. I loved it.

Amy | from Wilmington, NC
Great "little" movie! Better than some of the higher budget films.

Gerald | from West Michigan
Great movie, touching story line, awesome soundtrack, beautiful scenery.

Catherine | from Amazon.com
Very touching and lovable movie! Loved it!!

Roxy | from Amazon.com