Lead Publicist, Webmaster

Lead Publicist

Sarah E. Bode

Being a Generation Y kiddo, Sarah is apt at social media managing.  Being the youngest in her family, she is good at getting attention, which has somehow translated into a knack for PR.

She graduated from UNC Wilmington in December 2011 with a Bachelors of Arts in English, a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, a minor in Women’s Studies, and a Certificate in Publishing.   Sarah is in her final year of obtaining a Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies.

When Sarah’s not working on her Masters, burning bras, rocking a wingsuit and jumping off curbs, or wrestling her archnemesis—the triceratops, she is a “muse” for the Philosophy and Religion Department, where she helps professors review, edit, and prepare their manuscripts for publication. Sarah is also a Graduate Assistant for the GLS Program, where she co-founded (with Ashley Hudson, Assistant Director of Graduate Liberal Studies) UNCW’s only graduate, academic, interdisciplinary journal, Palaver. She hopes to take her involvement with Palaver into her Master’s thesis–focusing on improving the writing/reading skills of today’s student(s).

Sarah has designed websites for all sorts of professionals and companies, including an international CPA, health care professionals (non-profit and profit), and restaurants.  This is Sarah’s first bout with the pictures–besides sitting in a theater–but surely won’t be her last!

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