Kim Sampson — Marilyn

Kim Sampson plays a supportive female role of Marilyn

Kim grew up on a small farm outside of Pinehurst North Carolina and has always called North Carolina home. Kim grew up picking watermelons and horseback ridding.She studied dance and theatre in her hometown. After college the North Carolina native moved to Raleigh to pursue a career in fitness. In 2003 she became a fitness model for one of the largest personal training company’s in the US. Through her work Kim has had the opportunity to travel all over the country and can’t imagine calling any other state home. After having two children she splits her time between the Blue Ridge mountains and the coast making her hard to keep up with, since moving to Wilmington she has fallen in love with the arts and has had the opportunity to study in L.A

She has been called one of the most versatile actors in her area and is quickly becoming one of Wilmington’s newest leading actresses.