Production Assistant — Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward

Caleb Andrew Ward is a rising senior in the Film Studies and English departments at UNC-Wilmington and has been working in TV & Film since the age of fifteen.  He started as an intern at Finished Works, Inc mastering DVDs.  After becoming a cameraman/editor, he began to travel with the company.  Working in places from Eastern North Carolina to Western Africa, Caleb has become fascinated with stories of the everyday man and what he can and will endure.  In the spring of 2012, Caleb’s film “The Language of Love”–which he wrote and directed–was an official selection of the Projekte Film Festival.  Caleb also writes non-film, having been published in several magazines, including Treehouse and The Squawk Back.  From dubbing commercials to his current job as a Location Scout for the Wilmington Regional Film Commission, he has surrounded himself with people with a passion for film.  Don’t Know Yet is the first feature film that Caleb has worked on, but it is not his last.