EPK Director, Second Camera

Josh Prindiville

Joshua James Prindiville is a graduate of the UNC Wilmington Film Studies program. Since then he has been producing two films, “Children of Titans,” a feature-length documentary and “Dinner for Two,” a short narrative film. In 2009 he was cinematographer and editor on “Roller Girls,” a short lyrical documentary and crowd favorite at the Cucalorus film festival. His 2007 film “Shadow” was Joshua’s writing and directing debut at the Scene First International Film Festival. His long time focus has been directing, cinematography and editing. It took him trying everything behind the camera to realize what he really wants is to be in front of the camera. He has trained locally as an actor with Tammy Arnold and Jack Landry. He starred in his film “Dinner for Two,” which he also wrote and directed. Joshua is currently a freelance producer creating online media. His clients include various local businesses and international non-profit organizations. Joshua enjoys working with the non-profits because he likes seeing how an art-form can effect positive change in the world. His favorite part of filmmaking is telling a great story and as such Joshua is very excited to work with his longtime friend and passionate story-teller, Terry Linehan. Don’t Know Yet has themes we can all relate to and tells a unique and inspired story. Joshua is excited to be a part of it.

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