Kent West — Scruffy Man

Kent is North Carolina native who grew up in Durham, but spent his formative years in Chapel Hill’s nightspots… nobody really checked ID’s back then… Realizing Durham is a good place to be from, he moved to Wilmington, where he’s spent the second half of his life.  Intrigued by the magic of moving making, he took advantage of his location and signed on to be an extra in a few projects around town just to see how it’s done.

Although he enjoys the comradery of hanging out with fellow backgrounders, he soon realized you don’t see much of the magic from Extra’s Holding.  Always looking for the next challenge, and accepting that Everest was out of reach at this point in his life, he decided to take on the challenge of acting. He started by auditioning unsuccessfully for a few projects friends were doing and found those to be great learning opportunity’s, because he realized he had no clue about the process.

Beginning acting classes gave him direction, but the UNCW Film Studies Program, auditing for several and landing roles in a few student short films, gave him the chance to be someone else on camera, and opened the door for his being cast in a featured role in Don’t Know Yet.  Having the chance to be a part of Don’t Know Yet, with the exciting cast and talented and energized crew, has been not only a great education, but a highpoint in his brief time before the camera… Kent doesn’t consider himself an actor, but he would like to one day.