Script Supervisor/Original Score Composer

Dylan Linehan

Dylan Linehan wrote and directed her first film in 8th grade after a teacher took a liking to her script in a writing class and decided to make a film class out of it.

She continued on as a field producer for her father, Terry Linehan’s films “The Goody Goody” and “Love And Omelets” at the age of fifteen, and decided she needed more time to pursue her dreams and left the 7 ½ hour days at public high school to home school herself for only 2 hours a day—with the rest of those hours devoted to music, film, acting, and a competitive equestrian lifestyle.

At age 16, Dylan script supervised her first film, “The Drill,” and fell in love with the job. “It is the perfect way to get acquainted with all the major departments of film. You’re working closely with the director, cinematographer, sound mixer, art department, actors, and even the editor. I came in to the job with basic knowledge of this and was challenged to jump in feet first. A lot of growing up happened with that first job.”

Dylan continued working as a script supervisor on local independent films and student films, as well as field producer on Terry Linehan’s film “Made Of Salt And Water” which re-inspired her love of directing and producing. At age 17, while still home schooling herself, she enrolled in classes in the Cape Fear Film Department and continued her study of film and acting with Tammy Arnold.

When she graduated high school, Dylan directed her first documentary, “Roller Girls,” which was well received by Cucalorus. Dylan continued on to pursue a double major in film and music at UNCW, and directed most of her attention on writing film scores for student films. Dylan is excited to go back to her roots of script supervising for “Don’t Know Yet” and have the opportunity to include her music in the production as well.

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