Locations and Catering Co-Coordinator

Son of a personal trainer/lead vocalist, Joey Powell is no stranger to multitasking.  But managing locations and coordinating catering can be hectic, which is why he and co-everything, twin brother, Josh Powell, make such a good duo.

Despite popular belief, Joey and Josh do not share a mental link even though they tend to finish each other’s– Joey credits “Titanic” as the film that made him want to study cinema, originally seeing it for Kate Winslet’s boobs, then eventually growing to appreciate its many wonderful qualities.  Joey started his collegiate career as a wide receiver for Campbell University before transferring to a school with a football team both undefeated and non-existent.

Naturally, Joey’s dream project would be a football drama about identity and would not feature soft rock montages or 30-year-old high schoolers.  Now a student at UNCW, Joey studies film and minors in psychology, which helps him create with dark and depressing screenplays which no one wants to adapt.  When Joey is not hassling home owners, business managers, or Terry Linehan with paperwork, he’s hunting down foreign films and writing stories of his own.  He’s optioned two feature-length scripts in the past two years, neither of which are as good as Don’t Know Yet.