Catering and Locations Co-Coordinator

Josh Powell

Josh’s first location was Virginia Beach, where he was born from a female (mother and bonafide badass, Kathy) with his twin brother and co-man, Joey.  Their twinliness could not be any more doppelgängerly, as they graduated from Apex High School with Honors as All-Conference and All-County performers in football, in which they played the same position, and in track & field, in which they participated in the same events (Josh believes he was slightly better in both, while Joey aimlessly agrees to disagree).

Before transferring to UNCW, Josh studied Videography through Mass Communications while attending Campbell University.  Mass Communications and the sheer boredom and depressive nature of news and media led Josh to his true passion, Film.  Many revere his 2012 short “White Boy’s Badass Stick: An Exercise in Blaxploitation” as his best work to date.  “’White Boy’ is probably one of the most inspirational and influential student projects of humanity’s brief history” (Josh Powell).

Josh aspires to create the first ever Super Smash Bros. movie and to change the spelling of his name.