Production Designer

Natalie Smith

Natalie probably suffers from middle child syndrome – she has a talented older sister and younger twin brothers/geniuses – which, according to science, helped her creativity blossom.  Her love for film began at a young age, courtesy of her grandmother bringing over new movies on VHS almost every week. As she got older, she started working on short films and realized she had a passion for the art department while deciding what trash characters would have in their cars. In the spare time that she rarely has, she watches Bollywood films, builds models, and creates small stop-motion animation projects. Natalie will graduate from UNCW in December with a degree in Film Studies and a minor in Theatre. She plans to work on more independent film projects, especially in her home state of West Virginia. She will always film an upbeat alternate ending to make her mother happy and will let her dad, who recently sat next to Christian Bale in prison, be a featured extra.

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