Adrift in misery, a heartbroken man lets the hitchhikers he picks up determine his direction and destiny. Everything changes when he meets a free-spirited woman who guides him on a journey of healing and self-discovery while hiding a secret of her own. View the trailer here.

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Designed by Kelsey Linehan

Distribution: Don’t Know Yet is distributed by Devolver Digital Films of Austin, Texas.

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Synopsis: Adrift in misery, a heartbroken man lets the hitchhikers he picks up determine his direction and destiny. Everything changes when he meets a free-spirited woman who guides him on a journey of healing and self-discovery while hiding a secret of her own.

Starring: James Kyson, Lisa Goldstein Kirsch, Shane Callahan, Cullen Moss, and David Andrews as “Swag”

Written, Produced, and Directed by: Terry Linehan

Original Score by: Dylan Linehan

Director’s Statement: 

My love of film began when the lights were lowered in the theater and I saw my first film at age 5. In the room I shared with my older brother Dave, we pretended to watch movies as the headlights from passing cars danced across the walls, and we made up stories to accompany the lights.I grew up in a small, midwestern town on the edge of the great prairie in Wisconsin. I grew up knowing that feature filmmaking was the venue of Hollywood and the stars I saw on screen every weekend at our local Falls Theater for 25 cents. Yes, that cheap, and ten cent popcorn too. Prices were low because the proprietor owned several moneymaking theaters in nearby Minneapolis and St. Paul and wanted to give back by offering low, low prices in the town where he lived.  Thanks, Stan.

Fifty years after seeing my first theatrical film, I was channel surfing around Thanksgiving of 2011, when I happened upon The Addiction starring Lilli Taylor and Christopher Walken. Taylor spoke a line that would keep me busy for the next two years, “He picks up hitchhikers and takes them wherever they want to go.”  I stopped in my tracks and turned off the TV.  Who would become a taxi driver for hitchhikers?  My head began to spin with the possibilities and, for the next few weeks, I jotted down ideas about characters and story.  When New Year 2012 arrived, I blasted through the first draft of the screenplay in five days.  I knew this would be a film that could be produced with a small budget and a local crew.  I was confident that it could also attract a talented cast and financing.

Designed by Kelsey Linehan

Designed by Kelsey Linehan

When James Kyson (“Heroes”) signed on as our lead, I knew we had something special. Then Lisa Goldstein Kirsch (“One Tree Hill”) signed as Autumn, and I felt that somehow karma had taken over and all those dreams spawned in the darkness of the Falls Theater were somehow taking new life. My favorite memories of shooting Don’t Know Yet center around relationships more than scenes, outtakes, or funny anecdotes from filming. I like to remember James’ good humor working with child actors in the crazy-fantasy scene in Marilyn’s apartment. He became a different person and relaxed into a silly scene where his romantic, wounded persona was stretched to reveal his comic, playful side. He embraced the child actors with a love and respect that made them bond to him like an uncle.When Lisa Goldstein Kirsch arrived on set, she immediately became the darling of our crew. Always the first person to arrive each morning, she was the consummate professional. I was awed how well she was prepared for each scene – memorizing pages of dialogue and the nuances of each beat. She knew the script better than me. Despite rain, heat, bugs, and discomfort, Lisa brought a big smile everyday.  Our supporting cast simply amazed me.  David Andrews, “Swag,” who has appeared alongside some of the biggest names in the business, (Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Spacey), embraced his role so completely that he wrote his own scene – one of the funniest in the film.  I can’t thank him enough for diving in headfirst.  Wilmington, NC-based character actors Shane Callahan and Cullen Moss as the “beardheads,” were always my first choice for those roles, having witnessed their body of work over the years.  I was thrilled when, at the last minute, a previous commitment involving both of them fell through and they became available.  Bill Ladd as Ron, and Jane McNeil as Roberta, were my “dream couple” in those roles.  Vaughan Wilson as Jubal Creek, Amber Sheets as Emily, Kim Sampson as Marilyn, and Tammy Arnold as Tammy, completed what I see as the best cast one could have at any budget level.

The 17-day shoot could not have happened so smoothly without a very talented and young crew of professionals – all of whom graduated from the Film Studies program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  Production Designer Natalie Taylor Smith; Director of Photography, Joe Ensley, who has gone on to film the 2013 America’s Cup races; Editor Nate Daniel, a prolific filmmaker in his own right; and veteran post-production sound genius, Alex Markowski, provided the core creative team that brought the story from script to screen.  Regional musicians, all friends, or friends of friends, provided a film score that is second to none.

The entire process from first words on paper to completed feature film took one year.  I like to think of the final product as a feel-good road movie.  Where the viewer grows their soul alongside Taylor and Autumn on a journey where everything is on the way to somewhere else.  There is no destination on this road trip –  just like love –  we never know what’s around the bend, but we’re better people for taking the journey together.

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